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Our Services

Physio East has provided high quality physiotherapy care in Norfolk and Suffolk since 1993. Utilising the latest manual therapy and exercise prescription techniques we consistently update our practice to incorporate the latest research findings. This ensures your recovery is as effective and sustained as possible.

We run weekly online and in-person classes, regular seminars and provide bespoke one-to-one consultation services.

Over 30 years Healthcare experience.

Specialists in Sports injury and rehabilitation.

Qualified Buteyko Breathing practitioners.

Local clinics and home visits available.

Our Staff

Lisa Hayward

GradDip Phys, DipAp Phys Sports, MBBA, MCSP

Lisa Hayward is a Chartered Physiotherapist who graduated from St Mary’s Hospital School of Physiotherapy in 1990. She attained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy in 1995 from The London Hospital. She has most recently trained as a Buteyko Breathing practitioner.

Lisa specialises in:

  • Sports injury.
  • Screening as an aid to injury avoidance and performance enhancement.
  • Functional and Core exercise in spinal rehabilitation.
  • Horse and Rider Symmetry.
  • Breath optimisation for asthmatics, athletes and anxiety.

Cheryl Couts

GradDip Phys, MCSP

Cheryl graduated from St Thomas’s Hospital School of Physiotherapy in 1980 and has over 35 years of diverse physiotherapy experience. She was physio for the Italian Athletics squad pre-Los Angeles Olympics and has been Deputy Superintendent of The Harley Street Clinic, London.

Cheryl Specialises in:

  • Headaches.
  • Neurological rehabilitation.
  • Posture re-education.
  • Structural integration using ‘Anatomy trains’.
  • Myofascial Release.
  • Breath mechanics, particularly for singers and performers.

Classes and Seminars

In addition to our one-to-one therapy sessions, we also run regular in-person and online courses, held over Zoom.
Our online courses are recorded and made available to clients enjoy or revisit if they are unable to attend.

Functional Movement

Our movement classes explore how the human body develops as a baby, with a strong emphasis on correct breathing mechanics. If you find crunches, sit-ups and v-sits don’t agree with your neck and back, try this.

We focus on key techniques we can use to unlock the true potential of the core using exercises designed to optimise breath mechanics, eye movement and balance to stimulate the brain and overwrite bad-habits.


Better Breathing

Using the practices of Buteyko Breathing, the Physio-East Better Breathing seminar covers progressive breathing practices including, breathing during speech, nose breathing and breathing during exercise.

Better Running

Appropriate for everyone, whether you’re now getting into running or a seasoned athlete. This seminar teaches running-specific drills based on leading research, allowing for greater efficiency and reduced injury risk.

Better Riding

As experienced equestrians, our Better Riding seminars focus on core strength, breath mechanics and asymmetries in riders to improve canter transitions, circling on both sides, and make yard-work work for you.


How we breathe affects our skeleton, our biochemistry and our brain function. Good health starts with good breathing. 

Watch this video to see how you can improve your breathing. 

What our patients say

My back has really come on a lot and the exercises you gave me have really helped. Thanks very much, I don't think I could have skied without your help.
GB Athlete
I took an age-group win and a four year personal best in the Norwich half-marathon after attending these classes.
Class attendee
Thank you for another great class this morning!  We really find the exercises useful in everyday life... I really like your explanations of the anatomy and the point of the movements from a physiological point of view – this really helps to motivate us to do them to the best of our abilities!
Dr P.
It’s now 18 months since I saw Lisa with a chronic lower back/hip problem. Her assessment was thorough, her diagnosis clear and understandable, and she introduced me to breathing practices that produced a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. By maintaining the practices and attendance at Lisa’s weekly class, my excellent back health has been maintained and I have never looked back. Thank you, Lisa!
Lisa led me through the Buteyko breathing programme in online sessions during the pandemic, and it has really helped me learn to breathe in a way that supports my health and wellbeing. I didn't realise I could breathe so well, and have even seen my blood pressure reduce. Thank you very much Lisa, and I would recommend this course
Mrs V.E


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